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Trip Coins / Cruises

Add Trip Coins every time you take a cruise! When you book a cruise through your member portal, you’ll receive 10% back on the cost of your booking (minus port taxes and fees). This credit will be added to your Trip Wallet in the form of Trip Coins which can be used towards ANY other prepaid travel club service, except for airfare.


Once you book your cruise, you will see your Trip Coins added to your Trip Wallet in “pending” mode. Then, when you have completed your cruise, they will become “vested” and you can use some, or all, of your Trip Coins whenever you are ready.

Here’s an example: You treat the family to a 5-day cruise for 4 persons with a total cost is $4,000. The port fees and taxes are $500, so the actual cruise cost is $3,500. You’ll receive $350 (paid in Trip Coins, each Trip Coin is worth $1.00 USD) to spend on future travel!

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