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Doc in a suitcase


The Ultimate In Travel Assurance  ‘Doc In A Suitcase’ Benefit

Now when traveling anywhere in the World, near or far, Members may do so knowing that they have the security of 24-hour access to real, fully certified and licensed Doctors available at any time during their chosen period of travel*.

Using this optional benefit, you will have unlimited online access during your chosen travel dates to real-time Doctor consultations which can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of your hotel, villa, home or even the beach!

You can choose your preference of interaction from online chat, text, email, video-conference from your preferred mobile or computing device, as well as access community only forums for research and non-Doctor advise at any time.

This service offers incredible value for individuals as well as families; combining both great convenience as well as peace of mind. Get advice on overseas illness or ailments, or recommendations on treatment options from anywhere in the world…

‘Doc in a Suitcase' benefit is part of the Travel Assurance orientated benefits, Other Travel Assurance benefits are Complimentary Flight Insurance provided on every ticket, automatic Private Medical Repatriation coverage, exclusive Personal Assistant service as well as included Priority Pass (Airport Lounge) Membership.

Here’s How To Get Your Coverage, It’s easy!

Call us to register into the program. Once registered you can start using the standard tools and resources immediately.

We will provide you app download link and your unique 7-day activation code. You will be able to use the service as soon as you wish, but once you activate your service, your 7 days will begin and will expire after 7 days from that date.

Doc in a Suitcase service is an online, connected service operating in real-time and so requires an active internet connection at the time you wish to use the service, but works on most web browsers or mobile devices (Android and Apple IOS).

For the best mobile experience, you will need to download an application for iOS or Android. A link and further details will be provided to you at the time of purchase.

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